July 18, 2013

Best Friends Forever

It begins.

Yesterday Pruin helped me pick out the fabric for his best friend's quilt.  I know they are a bit young, but his mom and I are carefully orchestrating this friendship.  They are even the stars of their own talk show.

We aren't pushy at all.

But just in case it does fall apart, this quilt will tell the story of their early days.  Before they got tired of their moms pushing them together.

This quilt is made up of fabric from Pruin's quilt, the Dino quilt, new fabric and a shirt from my mom friend.

Stories abound.

We're going for a flying geese pattern with this one.  I have wanted to attempt this pattern since we began the blog and now the time has come.  Of course there will still be an element of my trademark improvisation.
Mostly because too much planning requires a bit of quilt math and I really can't handle voluntary arithmetic.

Now if I could just get Pruin to help me cut and piece we would be golden.

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