2 women, 2 countries, 2 journeys

a thousand stitches, a million stories

Stitching quilt stories with new and used materials.  
Discovering new traditions, recovering and creating memories along the way.  

... is a reluctant housewife and free-lance geographer and new mom.  Her minimal needle skills come from watching the women of her family create theatrical costumes.  Her greatest personal sewing accomplishments are hemming jeans and darning her husband's socks.  
Ariel re-claims abandoned t-shirts and textiles for her quilt materials and in the process re-claims the stories and memories attached to each abandoned piece of cloth.  

... has a desk job that she offsets by exploding with creativity at home, sewing, baking, embroidering, cooking, and doing whatever she can to stay busy.  Her biggest problem is choosing one pattern to focus on instead of buying them all at once.  
Emily creates new stories with new materials for her quilts, calling on scraps or re-purposed items as they're needed.  These new quilts become connections to new life and stories waiting to be told.